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Our Services in The Greater Phoenix Area

Service calls are available for the following:
  • Troubleshooting existing detectors that are chirping for no apparent reason
  • Troubleshooting existing detectors that are creating general alarms for no apparent reason
  • Replacement of smoke alarm detectors when necessary
  • Replacement of smoke alarm detectors when they are more than 10 years old
  • Replacement of existing batteries with high-quality industrial alkaline batteries
  • Maintenance & testing of all alarm detector devices
  • Smoke alarm detector installation (new and changing locations)
We can reach devices mounted on high ceilings with ladders and scaffolding where necessary. We are available for service when you are having problems - including weekends and evenings - without charging a higher service rate.

Wireless Solutions

There are now quality wireless solutions available which may be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the conditions which can be resolved with these wireless smoke alarm detectors are as follows:

One can bring smoke alarm detector device placement into code compliance without having to run new electrical wiring to new devices.

One can, when necessary, abandon troublesome or erratic electrical wiring to existing smoke alarm detector devices if the wiring is generating nuisance alarming or chirping, and instead install interconnected wireless smoke alarm detectors.

It is possible to add new devices for someone who may be hearing impaired without running new electrical wiring.

There are sounding devices available that can be used in the bedroom of someone who is hearing impaired. These sounders work in conjuction with wireless smoke alarm detectors and will become audible when the smoke alarm detectors in the residence are sounding.

Additional audibility provided by adding wireless smoke alarm detectors becomes important in large homes where audibility from one end of the house to the other is a chief concern.

Houses that have been extensively remodeled can often end up with smoke alarm detectors that are not interconnected. Wireless smoke alarm detectors, which are interconnected, may be installed without the addition of electrical wiring.

Specialized Assistance

John B. Unthank, a primary at Smoke Detector Solution, has been certified at the highest level in Fire Alarm Systems with the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) since 2003. NICET is a non-profit division of the National Society of Professional Engineers, founded in 1961. NICET's vision is to provide universally recognized certification for all individuals in engineering technology and related disciplines. See http://www.nicet.org/about/index.cfm.

John is well versed in national fire alarm codes and standards. He applies his code knowledge to all of the work he performs. John is qualified to design, supervise and perform fire alarm system work in the tallest skyscraper or in the smallest residence. He has comprehensive knowledge of the National Fire Protection Association's Household Standard, recently revised and now found to be a part of NFPA 72.

John is available to consult with you regarding any special needs that you might have in your home due to hearing or vision impairment, or limited physical ability or mobility. Call our office at 480-991-6266 and we will be happy to reach him so that he can advise or perform services for you that may be specific to your particular needs.