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About Our Smoke Detector Company in The Greater Phoenix Area

  • Smoke Detector Solution is a service provider specializing in all of your residential smoke alarm detector needs
  • We are committed to providing same-day service calls for homeowners and residents who are having difficulty with their smoke alarm detectors.
  • We recognize that smoke detectors can be tricky for average homeowners and residents to understand and work on, and that when the smoke alarm devices are being difficult (either constantly chirping or beeping, or even worse, sounding the big "general alarm"), it is important to have help as quickly as possible
  • Smoke Detector Solution does not charge a premium for weekend or evening service calls
  • We're committed to not charging extra money for after-hour service calls just because you are frustrated with the deeply annoying sounds generated by errant smoke alarm detectors
  • Smoke Detector Solution is a division of Scottsdale Security, a valley-wide burglar and fire alarm service provider under the same ownership here in the greater Phoenix area since 1978
  • We are available by phone 24-hours-a-day by telephone at 480-991-6266

About the Owner

John B. Unthank, SET, is a primary at Smoke Detector Solution/Scottsdale Security, and has been certified at the highest level in Fire Alarm Systems with the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) since 2003. NICET is a non-profit division of the National Society of Professional Engineers, founded in 1961. NICET's vision is to provide universally recognized certification for all individuals in engineering technology and related disciplines. See http://www.nicet.org/about/index.cfm.

John is well versed in national fire alarm codes and standards. He applies his code knowledge to all of the work he performs. He is qualified to design, supervise and perform fire alarm system work in the tallest skyscraper or in the smallest residence, with comprehensive knowledge of the National Fire Protection Association's Household Standard, recently revised and now found to be a part of NFPA 72.